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M.S.Patel Institute of Management Studies

   Please Confirm your Participation in the EPP-2000 by filling this form and and returning it in the enclosed Self-Addressed envelope.

Name ____________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________
Phone _________________ Fax ___________________
Function Area Finance Marketing Information Systems
Job Designation                          
Job Designation                        
No. of Vacancies                         


Location(s) of Initial ____________________________
Duration of training/probation ____________________________
Please specify the Salary range Gross ____________________________ per annum
Will you prefer candidates with work experience? Yes No
If any, please specify experience-desired ____________________________ (in months)
Preferred location of interview Campus Any Other
If any other, please specify location ____________________________
Tentative date of interview _________________________
Will you prefer our students to make presentation Yes No
If Yes, please specify the date      _______________________
Medium of Presentation desired at your Premises
Computer / OHP / Slide Projector / Multimedia PC
Equipment Needed for your pre-placement presentation at our Campus
OHP      Slide Projector TV / VCR Any Other (pls specify)________
Service Terms &
Other Details (Any other information brochures may be attached)

Details of the Respondent (or please attach business card)
Name _________________________________ Signature _____________________
Designation ____________________________ Date _______________

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